Monday, January 26, 2009

The Week Ahead

With a winless week behind them, the 33-10 Orlando Magic look to regain their swagger against the Pacers, Cavs, and Raptors this week.


First is a Tuesday evening home matchup against the Central Division's worst team. Orlando is 2-0 against the Pacers so far this season with wins of 100-98 in overtime on the road and 110-96 at home. Look for Dwight to have a big game after putting up 24 points and 17 rebounds in the first matchup and 32 and 21 in the second. Lookout for Indy's Danny Granger, he's good.


Orlando - 107
Indiana - 96

Dwight Howard - 28 pts., 16 rbs., 4 blks., 0 techs
Jeremy Richardson - 0 minutes

Danny Granger - 32 pts., 0 help from other teammates


The Cleveland Lebron's come to town for a TNT matchup. Cleveland goes into the week with the best record in the NBA (34-8) and will play Sacramento on Tuesday night before flying down to Orlando for Thursday's game. In other words, they will be 35-8 going into the Orlando game.


Cleveland - 97
Orlando - 92

Rashard Lewis - 26 pts., 6 rbs., 3 ast.
JJ Redick - 5 missed FT's.

Lebron James - 30 pts., 8 rbs., 8 ast., 7 friendly superstar calls.

TNT announcers and studio talking heads - 364 uses of Lebron, King James, or James. 4 incorrect statements about Orlando (example: "They haven't even made it out of the first round of the playoffs!").

Tiger Woods shows up, Orlando moves to 0-2 in Woods attended games.

3 Magic related puns the next morning.


In another early Sunday game in Toronto, the Magic will try to make up for their loss up north earlier this month. In the previous matchup Dwight had 39 points, Rashard had 20 points and 9 assists, while Hedo shot a sizzling 4-12 from the field. For some reason Toronto's Anthony Parker played like his sister, Candice Parker, scoring 26 points.


Orlando - 112
Toronto - 103

Dwight Howard - 29 pts., 15 rbs., 5 blks.
Hedo - 20 pts., much better than 4-12 shooting.
Jeremy Richardson - Once again, 0 minutes.

Anthony Parker remembers he's Anthony Parker and scores 12 pts.
Chris Bosh - 35 pts., 17-18 FT's.

Raptor superfan Nav Bhatia goes home unhappy.

Also, on Wednesday the World Economic Forum beigns it's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland... So we have that going for us, which is nice.

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