Thursday, January 29, 2009

The coming of the King and his court (i.e. the national Media)!

Tonight the King, who is foretold to one day take his throne in the center of the media world, comes to grace this backwater town with a visit. He will of course be followed by his adoring subjects in the media kingdom that will tax the media buffet at the Amway tonight.

While Lebron is easily one of the top players in the league along with Kobe, Dwayne Wade and our own Dwight Howard, what has he won so far to justify this media lunacy?

The Cleveland Lebron’s (they will likely offer to drop Cavs and rename the team in 2010 in an effort to keep Lebron out of NY), will be on National TV a league leading 17 times over the rest of this season. Our Magic will be seen only 6 times with 2 of these games being played against Cleveland. To put it into perspective the World champion Celtics will be on 15 times and that other finals team, the Lakers, will be on national TV 12 times.

If it is this bad already considering King James has never won an NBA Championship and plays for a team that the National Media usually ignores, consider the media orgy to come if the predictions come true?

Credit: To whoever created the chopped photo of James in a Knicks uniform.

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  1. I've been saying this the whole time... How pissed will ESPN/ABC and Stern and Co. be if the Finals end up being Orlando and Denver? They will talk about the poor ratings and all, but who's fault is that for only displaying a few teams during the year?


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