Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peaches and Kool-Aid

So I am watching the game last night and to my surprise in enters Peaches. This guy is just an incredible athlete. I think in all of the dominance until the Celtics game we forgot that he gives this team another gear. Granted Indiana had more interest in growing wimpy mustaches than D Peaches was able to put up a shiny 27/10 after missing 12 games with a broken wrist.

Danny Granger sure sounded like he was impressed.
Said Granger: "They are the best team in the East. Two words Dwight Howard explain it. He is the most dominate player since Shaquille O'Neal hands down."
I know I often lament the choice of Fran over Granger as do most fans but I wonder how the other side feels. Do you think Granger ever thinks about what it would be like to play with Dwight?

Well Danny gets to see his new favorite team defend his claim on Thursday against the Lebrons which hopefully will be a better show than the Celtics game.

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  1. Peaches scares me. After missing a month he comes in and is crashing all over the place. I'm afraid he is going to hurt himself again!


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