Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scoop: Jameer Wants to Play; Will Otis Let Him?

The OCTB - that's me! - was working the game tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats and was able to pick up a tender, juicy, nugget (see what I did there?) of info about everyone's favorite injured point guard.

Jameer Nelson, looking dapper in a black suit, did a little demonstration for the assembled media members. He raised his head above his body, as when shooting, and claimed that he didn't have much discomfort. After talking with other players with similar injuries, he feels that there is a chance that, after a couple more weeks of rehab, he could return and play this season.

However, the big issue appears to be whether the Magic - namely GM Otis Smith and the Magic doctors - will allow him to attempt rehab. Sentiment seems to be that they would prefer to just shut Nelson down for the season.

Still, after watching the hard fought win tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats, it is evident that we need Mighty Mouse to keep pushing the show. The dude is all heart. Even if he ends up not playing again this season, it is a testament to his make-up that he wants to try.

It might only be a short-lived experiment if he does come back. What happens when he is banged hard on that shoulder while he's driving to the lane? Still, a small part of me hopes that he can convince Otis. Stay tuned!
*Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

1 comment:

  1. I think Otis will definitely be against him trying to come back this year, but I'll trust Jameer to make the right decision.


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