Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breaking News: Jameer Nelson Has Season Ending Surgery

From the desk of the "Let's Slip This In Real Quiet Like" department, the Orlando Magic announced on their website that Jameer Nelson had season ending surgery on his injured shoulder this afternoon.

Here's the link the announcement:
Notice how they snuck it in along with the bigger news of the Rafer Alston trade!

I think it is safe to say that the decision to do the surgery and the ability to make the trade for Alston go hand-in-hand. One directly influenced the other and vice-versa. The disappointing play of Hedo and our other point guards of late was surely a factor as well. It probably also helped Otis in his negotiations if he didn't have to admit that Nelson was shut down for the season. Hmmm...I wonder if Nelson was getting in on the subterfuge the other night by stating that he wanted to play!

One other factor in why this hasn't hit the newspaper sites as of this writing is that the team was coming back from New Orleans last night. I can't remember now if I saw Nelson on the bench for the Hornets game, but it would have been really easy for Nelson to stop in Birmingham on the way home. The beat reporters that travel to the away games wouldn't have noticed him being gone yet, especially when they were all focused on the trade deadline today.

So, it appears that this is now Rafer Alston's team to lead from the PG spot. As for Jameer, we here at TPASTBM wish him a speedy recover and full health at the start of the 2009-2010 season!


  1. Definitely a smart move. Get some rest and get healthy Jameer!

  2. Both Jameer and Otis did not make the trip to NO...

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