Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magic grab Rafer Alston

4:15 Update:

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that along with Brian Cook the Magic have sent Adonal Foyle and Mike Wilks in order to make the numbers work.

I will miss Adonal... Best of luck politicin' in the future.

Psst....don't be surprised if Foyle is released and signs back with us! FTW!!


3:55 Update:

Here come the puns. ESPN main page:

Magic Answer? Rafer Alston going to the Magic might wind up being the most significant trade on an anticlimactic deadline day.

Hardy har har, ESPN.

Here's the story...


3:37 Update:

ESPN's John Hollinger is running a chat about the trade deadline.

Dan [via inert]: If Stein's reported deal is accurate, wouldn't Orlando have been better off just acquiring Lowry themselves? Also, the post says Cook to Houston, not Memphis.

John Hollinger: (3:22 PM ET ) You are correct on Cook, and actually it would have to be that way for the #s to work. So for Memphis it's basically Lowry for a first. Interesting. I think Orlando wanted Alston more than Lowry -- especially given his history with Stan VG.

Steve (Orlando): So How much does Alston add to the Magic? He's no Jameer Nelson but he seems like a terrific upgrade from Johnson after last night's fiasco

John Hollinger: (3:28 PM ET ) Yes, at both ends. I think he guarantees Orlando reaches the second round of the playoffs, and that added playoff dough is important for a team that just had to borrow $10 million from the league.


From ESPN:

Marc Stein: Looks like we have a fairly significant three-way deal that has been submitted to the league just before the trade deadline.

NBA front-office sources tell that Orlando is acquiring Rafer Alston from Houston to fill the void created at point guard by Jameer Nelson's shoulder injury.

The Rockets will receive Memphis guard Kyle Lowry, Orlando forward Brian Cook and perhaps two other minimum-salaried players to make the finances work.

The Grizzlies will receive a first-round pick from Orlando.


  1. Fantastic deal!
    Even if he's only playing at this year's level, he's still a huge upgrade over AJ and Lue combined.

    And if he can get back to last year's level, which is entirely possible when you're working with a big man like Dwight night in & night out, this is an absolute steal!Yes, we gave up a 1st rounder, but let's face it, the Magic aren't exactly the best at scouting talent anyways in the draft.

  2. gatorgr8, I agree. Also, when Jameer comes back next year Rafer would make a pretty solid backup...

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the long-term implications here. We have now added 5 million in salary for next season (minus the money we would have paid a first round pick). What impact does this have on signing Turk in the offseason? Etc.

  4. Isn't it only adding about 1.5 million? Alstons 5 minus Cook's 3.5?

  5. Assuming that Cook doesn't opt out, yes. Still, I never expected Cook to make it to training camp next Sept.

  6. Yeah, I hear you, but I fully expected Cook to take his player option. Just business wise it makes sense that he would take it, because he's not going to get paid $3.0M+ on a new contract.

  7. Coming from a Rockets fan, prepare to have no fun. Rafer just jacks up shots whenever he feels like it, and when does drive, he throws up terrible floaters. Maybe this is just to motivated Anthony Johnson

  8. Playing behind an all star didn't motivate Anthony Johnson, and neither did the acquisition of Lue.

    No way in Hell we brought in Alston to "light a fire" under Beetlejuice.


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