Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power Rankings: Its Puntastic

1. Lakers (42-9)-This Hollywood darling should win an Oscar for how they ran rampid through the East Coast.

2. Spurs (35-25)-Can we spur a trend and call Roger Mason Jr. Big Shot Rog without him having done it in the playoffs.

3. Celtics (42-11)-Home losses to the Spurs and Lakers certainly left Boston green with envy.

4. Magic (38-12)- We now hope that the AJ/Lue/Turk/Lee combo platter has enough tricks in their arsenal to keep the Magic on top.

5. Cavaliers (39-11)-We know the Cavs are feeling crabby this morning but we are in a giving mood. This is how you complete the game winning alley-oop.

6. Nuggets (35-17)-There is nothing Melo about bouncing back against Miami after a 44 point beatdown at the hands of the Nets.

7. Trail Blazers (31-19)-Brandon Roy continues to blaze teams with buzzer beaters as his latest victim was the Knickerbockers.

8. Hawks (30-21)-Despite injuries to key guys like Al Horford and Josh Smith Atlanta is soaring to their best record in over a decade.

9. Sixers (26-24)-I can feel the brotherly love over here as this team seems to get better and better without Elton Brand.

10. Rockets (31-21)-We might need to start giving T-Mac rocket fuel if those knees don't get better.

11. Hornets (30-19)-New Orleans certainly feeling the sting of losing Chris Paul as they have dropped 3 out of their last 5 including only an 80 point effort against the Grizz on Monday.

12. Jazz (29-23)-Deron Williams is playing fantastic but the loss to the Warriors after winning 3 in a row probably has the Jazz singing the blues.

13. Bucks (25-29)- The Buck stops at Sessions, Jefferson, and Villanueva as they become the first trio in 16 years to score 25 points and play less than 35 minutes.

14. Heat (27-25)-Can somebody tell me what the heck extinguished Shawn Marion besides the Heat trade because his numbers Pre-SSOL were still great.

15. Suns (28-22)-Speaking of SSOL it seems that the sun may be setting on that era with rumblings of an imminent Amare Stoudemire trade.

16. Pistons (27-23)-Chicago lubricating the Pistons defense for 37 points in the 4th last night makes it 3 games in a row the Pistons once stellar D has given up more than 100 points.

17. Pacers (21-32)-Danny Granger and the mustache bandits are the only team to beat the top 4 in the NBA this season and at this pace should make a nice run at the Eastern conference playoffs.

18. Bulls (23-29)-Nothing bullish about this guy's performance in the last 4 games as he is nearly averaging a double-double and finally proving to be the player many thought he would be.

19. Nets (24-29)-After abusing Denver all New Jersey has been able to net is 2 straight losses at the hands of Orlando and San Antonio.

20. Bobcats (20-31)-Charlotte has been pouncing on their roster ferociously as they attempt to completely revamp the roster.

21. Warriors (18-35)-Oracle Arena attendees get a golden effort on offense from the home team as the last time they did not score 100 was a home victory over Boston on December 26th.

22. Timberwolves (17-34)- Big Al Jefferson is done for the season and this young pack of Wolves is left to pick up the pieces.

23. Thunder (13-39)- Kevin Durant keeps bringing the scoring boom and this young team keeps getting more and more competitive.

24. Grizzlies (15-36)-It is a grizzly prospect to expect this team to do anything with Rudy Gay out although OJ Mayo will be playing H-O-R-S-E this weekend.

25. Raptors (20-34)-Any chance of Toronto making the playoffs appear to be extinct with Chris Bosh out with a sprained knee.

26. Knicks (21-30)- Even without Starbury and Isiah this Broadway production keeps getting more offensive as their defensive is a disgrace to the game of basketball.

27. Clippers (12-40)-I think they are going to need the jaws of life to clip Mike Dunleavy Sr. off this mess since he can't get fired and he will not quit.

28. Wizards (11-41)-It will take much more than a healthy spell from Gilbert Arenas to get this team out of the bottom.

29. Kings (11-42)-The only thing you can about this team is that they royally suck.

30. Mavericks (31-20)- You are in last because Ericka Dampier decided to take maverick law into his own hands and end Jameer's season. Jason Terry would like to see you in the trainer's room Mrs. Dampier.

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