Thursday, February 12, 2009

Magic Dancer Deanna Clover Appears in the SI Swimsuit Issue

As if the multiple all-star accolades weren't enough, the Orlando Magic now have one of their dancers appearing in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

SI features NBA dancers in the 2009 edition and Deanna Clover was one of 10 dancers selected from around the league. Deanna is in her 5th season with the team and is currently the team captain.

I spoke with dancer manager Jeanine Thomas at last night's Magic/Nuggets game and she was extremely excited and proud of Deanna's accomplishment. She mentioned that Deanna had known about the SI appearance since last March but in order to seal the deal, she needed to make the 2008-2009 Magic dance team (veteran Magic dancers must re-audition each season). SI was only accepting dancers who were on NBA dance squads at the time of publication. So, Deanna had extra incentive to make the cut again this season.

Deanna Clover was one of two dancers to appear at the "Magic Message Board Night" that the team hosted last January for a game against the Bulls. She took her time to speak with the Magic fans in attendance, posed for photos, and did an all-around great job of representing the team. On top of all that, she is a great dancer and obviously has many pleasing asthetic qualities.

Here is the link to her SI Swimsuit photo gallery:

*Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.


  1. Thanks OCTB, she has some nice tenders there!!!!!!

  2. Next time you're rubbing elbows with Jeanine, put in a good word for me with Mary! Also, find out why she (Mary) doesn't perform at all the games. I feel so blue when she isn't there, I might have to get a refund on my season tickets.

  3. You sound as bad as our buddy "Live or Die Magic" from the Magic Message Boards. He's still hung up on "Former Magic Dancer April."

    If I see Jeanine again, I should ask her about both of those dancers.

  4. lol from my understanding, it has a lot to do with their schedules. Like 1/2 the team is still in college, so they only do some of the games because they can't do all of them due to classes, night exams, etc.
    B/c this is traditionally how's its worked with the team's dancers, the organization only schedules them for some of the games, instead of making them request nights off when they need them.

  5. Thanks gatorade, but I didn't really want an answer... I want in "in"! lol

  6. lol I hear you man!


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