Sunday, February 1, 2009

Magic Bullets - Magic @ Toronto

The Magic travel up to Toronto to play the Raptors in another Sunday morning game. Let's start the bullets.

11:55 AM
  • Yes, I know, 'Magic Bullets' is a pun. Hypocryte? Yeah, probably.
  • Just before the Magic game on Sun Sports is the Billy Donovan show. Memories.
  • Here is ESPN's preview. Their simulation gives the Magic a 75% chance of winning this afternoon.
12:00 PM
  • Went and saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. VERY good film.
  • Dwight had 39 last time these two teams faced each other. Toronto still won the game. SVG is right, it all starts at the defensive end of the court.
  • Now there is no doubt that Michael Phelps is a jackass.
12:20 PM
  • A lot of respect for Raptor fans. They support their team.
  • Steele let us know that Toronto is 11-20 since firing Sam Mitchel.
  • Dwight throws down two monstrous dunks.
  • Isn't there a football game on tonight?
12:30 PM
  • The Magic are still sitting #2 in Hollingers Power Rankings.
  • Halfway through the 1st Orlando is up 14-10. Dwight and Jameer each have 6.
  • Here is the Orlando Sentinel's preview of the game.
  • Jameer checks out. 10 pts, 4-4 FG.
12:45 PM
  • Magic up 6 after 1.
  • Toronto is a very good FT shooting team. In fact, they are best in the league.
  • Game tied. Orlando calls timeout.
  • NBA League Pass costs 99 bucks for the rest of the season? Seems pricey.
1:00 PM
  • Solomon fires an airball and the boo's are pretty loud.
  • Pietrus takes it hard to the basket and get fouled. I'm afraid he is going to get hurt every time.
  • How was that not a foul on Dwight on the followup dunk?
  • Calderon is a solid basketball player, but man, he's ugly.
  • Dwight just passed Tracy McGrady for all time FT's made for the Magic. Congrats D12.
  • Tract McGrady and Shaq each played 295 games for the Magic.
  • Beautiful and-1 for Dwight. He misses the FT.
1:15 PM
  • 25% of Canada's population lives in Toronto.
  • Chris Bosh missed a FT. It will be the only one he misses today.
  • Nice win in OT yesterday for UCF. They move to 5-2 in C-USA.
  • Matty is rambling.
  • Pietrus is struggling this afternoon. He shouldn't be a player that settles for jump shots.
  • Insert Polish Hammer. He gets dunked on.
  • Dwight has 18 at halftime. Magic are up 53-47.
1:45 PM
  • Magic are 30-3 this year when leading at halftime.
  • Magic up 16. Toronto calls timeout.
  • Am I the only one getting tired of the Tobacco Free Florida adds?
  • For those in Orlando, it's a beautiful day. Go do something outside... After this game is over of course.
  • Magic had a 21 point lead just a few minutes ago. Toronto has made a run.
2:03 PM
  • The boo's are back.
  • Magic outscore the Raptors 32-18 in the 3rd.
  • Piss poor possession to start the 4th.
  • Little known fact about Raptors: They were feathered and only 3 feet tall.
  • Pietrus goes down hard again. Magic fans collectively hold their breath.
  • The Cavs and Pistons play at 2:30 over on ABC.
  • Joey Graham and his brother Stephen played college ball at UCF before transferring to Oklahoma State.
  • Blue Man Group commercial. Ahh, I can't wait for the Arrested Development movie. "Michael, I'm afraid I just blue myself."
  • Turk has not had a good game.
2:25 PM
  • Anyone else hear that guy yelling "Hoooowwwaaarrrdddd" during Dwight's FT's? Hats off to him.
  • Canadian Bacon was a good movie.
  • Quote of the day by David Steele: "They list him at 280. I'd put him at a happy meal shy of 320."
  • No JJ or Bogans today...
  • Final score: Orlando 113, Toronto 90. Dwight has 29 points, 14 rebounds. Pietrus puts up 22.
  • Jameer had 18 points, 10 assists, and 8 rebounds. Impressive.
  • Here is the box score.
  • Dallas comes to town tomorrow night.
Big Train. Out.

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