Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Breaking News: Nelson has torn Labrum

Update: 4:00 PM:

It's looking like the season is over for Jameer. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that "at some time" Nelson has to have surgery. The question is rather to try to rehab it for awhile and then attempt to play through it or go ahead and have the surgery and be ready for next season. The Sentinel also caught up to Jameer and got his reaction.


Earlier report:
Magic point guard Jameer Nelson underwent an MRI on his injured right shoulder on Tuesday morning, which revealed a torn labrum.

Nelson dislocated his right shoulder with 9:11 remaining during the third quarter of the Magic's loss to the Mavericks on Monday night.

The course of treatment for the injury will be determined during the next week. At that point, his playing status will be evaluated.

Via Press Release

More news over at the Orlando Sentinel

Jameer reacts via the Florida Today.

``It’s the first time I’ve ever injured a shoulder in terms of it popping out of place,’’ Nelson said Monday night. ``As a point guard you get nicks and bruises. You injure your shoulder all the time running through picks, but nothing like this.``It’s tough. Obviously I still want to play. You never want to get injured. But at the same time it comes with the territory and things happen.’’
ESPN's Chad Ford chimed in during his chat today:
Nimesh Patel (Orlando): Who are the Magic going to get at PG???

Chad Ford: (1:38 PM ET ) If Nelson is out for the season or even for a month or two, they are in serious trouble. Anthony Johnson isn't a starting point guard. They may be a team that could make a run at someone like Jamaal Tinsley. The problem is they don't really have the assets to get much more unless they are willing to trade Hedo Turkoglu. This is really bad news for the Magic. We know their starting 5 was rock solid, but their bench has always been a serious concern. Now it's showing.


  1. Damn it, damn it, damn it.
    All I can do is hope he just needs a few weeks, maybe a month, off for rehab and then comes back.

  2. I bet he tries to forgo surgery and goes the rehab route, at least initially. If surgery takes you out for the season anyway, what does he have to lose?

  3. That makes sense. But if it's a bad one I guess you go ahead and get it done so you are 100% ready for training camp...

  4. As if I really needed another reason to detest Jason Kidd.


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