Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finding something positive out of tragedy

The Orlando Magic might have lost their All-Star point guard for the season. The Magic nation is freaking out, some are jumping from buildings, others are wrestling alligators, while many more are wrestling bears. There appears to be no reason to live or continue watching, because the season is over.

I disagree. Yes, possibly losing Nelson for the season is a big blow for the team that was fighting for the title and after many mediocre, and some terrible seasons, where finally being thought to be among the elite of the league. We have to remember we still have Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Hedo Turkoglu on the team. Two All-Stars, and another great player. Also remember that when we missed Nelson early in the season, Anthony Johnson delivered, and the team went 5-1, or something like that.(*I promise I'll check my sources/numbers next time).

But think about this for a second, yes I'm talking to you directly, our record stands at 36-11, with 35 games left in the season. Can this team be a .500 club? I don't see why not. That means we can go 18-17 the rest of the way and finish the season with a record of 54-28. That's 54 wins. Better than last year, and probably good enough to still be third in the East. Going .500 is very realistic, hell they might even do better than that.

Sure we would all love to continue with the winning ways, How long has it been since we can all feel like no matter who we play we will win? But it's not as bad as some think. A 50 plus win team is considered a success. We know that the real goal is to win the championship. I know we all wanted to see that this year. But it's OK, the team will be back stronger next year, while Boston gets even older and Lebronland is one injury away from imploding.

So Magic fans, look at the bright side…We will still have the third best record in the East. We will still lead the Division. We will still got to the Playoffs. We will still win the first round series. We will still be here to celebrate together.

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