Monday, March 9, 2009

You're In Timeout Mr. Lee

Has Courtney Lee been put in timeout by Coach Van Gundy? In the past 3 games since exploding in the 4th quarter to help the Magic beat the Sixers, he has taken a combined 11 shots, which is 7 less then what he took in that Sixers game alone! Has SVG told Lee to cut back on trying to score and focus more on the defensive end? He is still the current starter at SG, and is averaging the same amount of minutes. We all know that he struggled mightily in the beginning of the Sixers game, but then went on a scoring tear in which could be arguably his best offensive game as a pro, despite his poor shooting percentage. So what gives?

The team does not struggle offensively without Courtney scoring, however, it doesn't hurt when the rookie gets hot. In games when Lee scores 10 or more, the Magic are a whopping 17-1. You can't argue with those results. While Mickael Pietrus has come back from injury...again, his time on the court has still been sporadic and short. Averaging roughly 20 mpg in the last 3, he has taken 21 shots, 10 more the Courtney.

Tonight the Magic play the Pistons, which Courtney will be given the duty to defend one of the leagues best scorers, Richard Hamilton's face mask. He will have his hands full tonight, but he could be called upon to score more with our main core of scorers constantly given fits by the Pistons defense. Let's just hope SVG gives him the OK, and the recent trend of not shooting the ball hasn't hurt the rookies offensive confidence.


  1. "In games when Lee scores 10 or more, the Magic are a whopping 17-1."

    If the Magic coaching staff isn't already aware of this stat, it needs to be placed in front of them.

  2. Make it 17-2 after last night, fellas.

    Courtney: 10 points in 18 minutes
    J.J.: 9 points in 30 minutes.


  3. I had to go and mention that stat, didn't I? I blame myself for the loss.


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