Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hollinger Chat

After last night's playoff clinching blowout, today has been rather slow. That said, here is what John Hollinger over at ESPN has to say concerning the Magic...

Charles (SD, CA): John, Your computer rankings notwithstanding, how would you rank the top 5 teams on a personal level?

John Hollinger: (3:11 PM ET ) 1. Cleveland 2. LA 3. Boston 4. Utah 5. San Antonio. That's how I'd size up the "if everyone's healthy and rarin' to go" rankings, with Orlando penalized for Jameer Nelson's absence.

Nathan (San Antonio): Professor Hollinger- Do you predict that Boston will slip to the 3 seed and Orlando will beat them in the second round with home court advantage?

John Hollinger: (3:21 PM ET ) I think even with homecourt the Magic won't beat Boston, unless Garnett's injury is much worse than we've heard so far.

Andy (vegas): If the Pistons get in as a 5-8 seed, can you see them scaring a team in the first round? You KNOW Orlando wants nothing to do with them....

John Hollinger: (3:25 PM ET ) The Orlando match-up appears to be a good one for them, yes; Atlanta less so, as the Hawks have played Detroit very well this year. I want to see one of them down the stretch before I weigh in on their chances though.

John (Orlando): How about D12's backup, Marcin "Polish Hammer" Gortat? 13 points and 15 boards last night?!?

John Hollinger: (3:30 PM ET ) Gortat is the best big man nobody's ever heard of and may make himself some decent money this summer as a free agent.

Nate (Portland, OR): I hope you're right about Utah and New Orleans grabbing the 3 and 6 seeds respectively if only to add more fire into the Williams vs Paul debate! You see any other juicy first round match-up possibilities? Heat/Hawks comes to mind...

John Hollinger: (3:45 PM ET ) I think Hawks-Heat would be good, but Heat-Magic -- with the Stan vs. Miami undercurrent -- would be so much juicier. Also, Hawks tend to bottle up D-Wade and force the other guys to beat them, which is why they've had a lot of success vs. Miami this year.

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