Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We celebrate our 100th post by giving you 100 Magic moments and memories!

In case you haven’t heard, the Orlando Magic have been in the NBA for 20 years. TPASTBM has a way to go before we hit 20 years, but none the less we have a little milestone of our own. Ya see, in what was the brainchild of a group of crazy Magic fans with a little bit of time here and there, we have hit our 100th post. Not too bad for only being around a few months, right? Right? Over these previous 99 posts we have cried over Jameer’s injury, reveled in the Rafer trade, lost respect for Shaq, and even given away free tickets to a game. That said, in honor of our 100th post, here are 100 things about our team that we, well, think are magical…
  • 1. Never knowing if Tree Rollins' body was going to turn to dust as he ran up the court.
  • 2. Calling Pat Garrity "The Assassin", because whenever he shot the ball more than 5 times in a game, he'd murder the Magic's chance of winning.
  • 3. Nick Anderson goes off for 50 points in a game and it gets completely overshadowed by this other thing that happened that night.
  • 4. The illustrious tradition Greg Kite started of the Magic signing as many aging, white stiffs at the 4 and 5 as was humanly possible.
  • 5. Dwight Howard's inability to grow non-hilarious facial hair.
  • 6. That goofy clapper thing they passed out during the '95 conference Finals that I still have.
  • 7. Anthony Bowie's triple-double*.
  • 8. Mike Miller = Rookie of the Year?
  • 9. The fact that Rashard Lewis's shot looks worse than Jeryl Sasser's, but actually goes in.
  • 10. Hedo Turkoglu's German pornstar facial hair.
  • 11. Fearing the Warlock
  • 12. 20 years of Puns
  • 13. Getting to wear these bad boys as a kid.
  • 14. Stachetastic
  • 15. The Fat Guy
  • 16. Unity of a message board during one of the most significant moments in Magic history.
  • 17. Trading Brian Cook
  • 18. Good times on the bench
  • 19. Dante & Galante
  • 20. I like this team
  • 21. The newly formed expansion Magic getting their first win against the then World Champion Pistons.
  • 22. Nick Anderson's steal against MJ to beat the Bulls and get the Magic to the NBA Finals.
  • 23. Pat Williams mastery over the ping pong balls during the NBA draft lottery.
  • 24. Hedo's fadeaway shots hitting nothing but net.
  • 25. Darrel Armstrong proving he has the biggest heart in one of the smallest bodies on the court.
  • 26. Knicks GM Isiah Thomas taking Steve Francis off our hands for Penny's expiring contract and Trevor Ariza.
  • 27. The 2004 NBA draft bringing us two All-stars in Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson.
  • 28. Scott Skiles NBA record 30 Assists night.
  • 29. Bo Outlaw shooting free throws making you want to look away in horror.
  • 30. Watching teams frantic to crowd the paint on Dwight and then scramble to cover three point shooters.
  • 31. Trevor Ariza making Emeka Okafor his girlfriend.
  • 32. A horrendous season bubbling over for Tracy McGrady's Magic as he gets ejected for kicking the ball twice!!
  • 33. How easy it is to get people upset about ACC Legend JJ Redick.
  • 34. Hedorics
  • 35. Dwight's absurd alley-oop dunk against the Celtics.
  • 36. Keyon Dooling vs. Ray Allen
  • 37. The amazing ability of young Penny Hardaway and of course lil penny.
  • 38. Setting the NBA record for 3 pointers as a team.
  • 39. Dennis Scott making it rain from beyond the arc.
  • 40. Stuff and his hijinks.
  • 41. Sitting in front of the TV, begging Ice to shoot it so Skiles could get assist #30.
  • 42. Breathing a sigh of relief when Rony Seikaly got off the plane in Orlando.
  • 43. Eating my first O-Rena Chicken Tender Basket.
  • 44. Making friends with fellow Magic Fans on the Orlando Magic Message Boards.
  • 45. Sweeping the Lakers and the Spurs in the same season.
  • 46. That wonderful, magical time during June of 1995.
  • 47. Dwight Howard signs a contract extension.
  • 48. Hearing that the Magic had signed Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill (hey, it was a good memory at the time!).
  • 49. The night that Joe Wolf couldn’t miss.
  • 50. Shaq takes down the whole basket in Phoenix.
  • 51. Nick scores 50 in three quarters and makes Bernard King look OLD.
  • 52. McGrady’s off the backboard self alley-oop.
  • 53. Shaq and Dennis Scott rapping on the Arsenio Hall show. You can't write comedy that good.
  • 54. Mario Kasun’s porn star posse.
  • 55. Darrell Armstong fixing Doc Rivers’ tie during the games.
  • 56. Two ROYs and three #1 picks
  • 57. Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp, Derek Harper, Mark Price, Rod Strickland…right team, wrong time.
  • 58. Yinka Dare getting in on the team photo, AFTER he was waived!
  • 59. The Skiles to Turner pick and roll.
  • 60. Dwight Howard over Tim Duncan…the play that will never get old.
  • 61. Greg Kite's flattop
  • 62. That there is no photo evidence we could find of Anthony Avent's tenure here
  • 63. That Shaq left Orlando before making Steel.
  • 64. Penny dunking on Ewing.
  • 65. "We want Brooks!" Thompson, that is.
  • 66. The night that Anthony Bowie shut down Michael Jordan, holding him to just 64 points in a Magic win.
  • 67. Nick Anderson learning how to shoot 3s
  • 68. Scott Skiles always looking like he was one cheap shot away from landing in the papers the next day with an article starting with "he always seemed so nice..."
  • 69. Dennis Scott making 11 three pointers in a single game
  • 70. The night Shaq blocked 15 ******* shots.
  • 71. Stay in School Jam
  • 72. The free doughnuts that caused me to gain 10 pounds in a season.
  • 73. Getting my own season tickets.
  • 74. JJ inviting my best friend and I for a siesta.
  • 75. Goggles!
  • 76. 110 Points = Mac Attack!
  • 77. Where else can you find a team mascott that is the result of some heavy drug use. I mean a colorful rainbow dragon for a basketball team? And not the Orlando Dragons, but the Magic. Then name named him Stuff...kinda like Puff The Magic know what I mean.
  • 78. Being excited over the release of "Blue Chips". Hey, I was young, shut up!
  • 79. Orlando rickshaws
  • 80. The leaky, red seated, sticky floor that is the Amway/TD Waterhouse/O'Rena
  • 81. Steele and Guokas
  • 82. Adonal Foyle
  • 83. The Orlando Magic hosting the NBA Summer League
  • 84. Billy Donovan, or the lack thereof
  • 85. Terry Catledge pump faking
  • 86. Watching Rookie Courtney Lee defend a who's who of NBA stars on a nightly basis.
  • 87. Brian Hill breaking clipboards
  • 88. Bobblehead nights
  • 89. Rubber Duckies
  • 90. The fact that a hockey scout ran the team and managed to draft Dwight over Okafor.
  • 91. Reading draft recaps from 2004
  • 92. The black pinstripe uniforms
  • 93. The hilarious fact that Chris Jent is employed as Lebron's personal shooting coach.
  • 94. The Turko Glue Stick
  • 95. Tailgating outside the O-Rena before playoff games
  • 96. The Christmas tree that remains atop the O-Rena year round.
  • 97. Nick Anderson becoming the first Magic draft pick
  • 98. T-Mac scoring 62
  • 99. Magic closing the old Boston Gardens by knocking the Celtics out of the playoffs.
  • 100. The Best Magic Blog ever: The Puns are Starting to Bore Me
All the bloggers of TPASTBM contributed to this post. Thank you for reading, we couldn't have lasted this long without you.


  1. Great post...maybe I'm a bad fan, or just brain dead, but what happened to overshadow Nick Anderson's 50 point game? Also, I would have included waving my "Shaq Suqs" sign the first time Shaq and the Lakers came to the O-Rena.

  2. Nick scored 50 the night Shaq brought the goal down in Jersey

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