Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Alright people. It's Tuesday, so let's talk. ESPN, the Orlando Sentinel, Drudge Report, Fox News, NPR. Casey Anthony, Mike Bianchi, Brian Schmitz, John Hollinger, T.O., Pacman. Print, TV, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Internet.

Talk amongst yourself...I'll give you a topic...Local news is neither local, or news. Discuss...


  1. I'm thinking a good place to start would be what we have noticed lately at the Orlando Sentinel. For example, Mike Bianchi is now joining message boards in order to promote his column and blog. Why would Mike have to do this?

  2. When people want news, they no longer spend some change and pick up a newspaper. Instead, they pop open their laptops or go home to their desktops and search the Internets for it. Some even simply flip open their phone and boom, it's there.

    A reporter now has to get his version of the news, or his thoughts out there in a different way apparently. Therefore, Bianchi seems to think spreading his article around on forums will reach out and encourage people to come to him for their source of information.

  3. I live out in Tampa and there has been talk around here about local newscasts cutting out their sports coverage as part of the news. The reason is due to lack of viewership and its typically the last thing you see at 11:25 after 7 weather reports. I need you to show me a 4 second highlight of the Rays or Magic winning. Give me a human interest piece or something I may have not known. I am so oversaturated with the obvious that anything fresh would be a welcome change.

  4. I do not need you to show me a 4 second highlight I meant!!

  5. No one needs a local sports guy telling them what happened on the local pro sports team, more so the local high school and college level, BUT... ESPN also lacks the personal touch for local teams, unless local to you is Lakers, Celtics, Cavs. Local guys need to step up and come strong with some relative Magic news that goes beyond win loss/recap type of crap, if they want to stay relevant.

  6. Bianchi really doesn't bother me. I think he is just trying to save his job, maybe there are some page view goals they need to meet, or whatever. I can somewhat see what he is trying to do and cannot blame the guy. I would do the same, but he just sucks ass as a magic beat writer. He is not a magic fan and is always so damm negative off the team...I don't like him..(Can I be any more honest?)

    More and more papers are just going to the AP and printing those articles. I think its just a matter of time to see all of them just get the news from the same source, or maybe one or two sources.

    Sports news on the local news are retarded. They don't make sense. They come in for like 3 minutes give you useless facts, or just results and go away. I can't believe they now pay some guy to be on camera for 5 minutes, and maybe write their own news. I can see how this was needed back in the day, but now, everyone has espn, and the internet.

    I doubt there's anyone really really needing the local sports guy telling you what happened.

  7. I agree Mr. Ego. The only hope the local news biz has, both print and tv, is to go 100% local. I mean like reporting Little League scores. They can't win at the national game. Whether it's ESPN talking about the Super Bowl, or CNN about DC. The Orlando Sentinel should be nothing but UCF, UF, Orlando Magic, Tally and local politics, and cats in trees.

  8. EFdeCA, I agree about Bianchi. I really doubt he would be on message boards promoting his stuff if his bosses weren't making him drive traffic to orlandosentinel.com

  9. Paul Ego's father, Mr. Ego himself, used to work for the Sentinel. He has since retired, and and works as the editor for a small paper in a land far far away. Seriously, all they do is local interest stuff. I looked at their website one day, and on the first page was a piece about the local high school homecoming game, and a taco eating contest. Good stuff.

    Why bother 'reporting' anything outside the realm of your back yard in this day and age? Outlets like ESPN have the recaps, highlights, stats etc. well covered. Why bother trying to give a 30 second recap out of habit? Reinvent yourselves, reconnect with your demographic, and stop living in the past.

  10. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/custom/offbeat/sfl-0303mcnuggets,0,4156678.story

    That's what I want from my local news.

  11. "Goodman's 10-piece selection has 460 calories and 29 grams of fat."

    The end just sends chills down your spine. Now THAT is reporting.

  12. The problem with print media is it is already day old news when it is delivered to you the next morning. I used to not be able to live without reading my morning paper until I cancelled my subscription three years ago.

    Now I don't even notice it is missing because I get everything I want on the internet for free(in most cases) without the wait of the 11 o'clock news or the paper boy throwing it into the only water puddle on my driveway.

  13. "Now I don't even notice it is missing because I get everything I want on the internet for free(in most cases) without the wait of the 11 o'clock news or the paper boy throwing it into the only water puddle on my driveway."

    Hints Bianchi promoting his blog.

  14. Its weird that we have what 3 or 4 beat writers for the Magic at the Sentinel and I have never once heard anyone I know say wow I cannot wait until Mike Bianchi's next piece comes out or Brian Schmitz, etc. Writing should be interesting not just a generic take on what everyone else is reporting.

    A big example is from the Super Bowl where everyone and their mom wrote a story on Larry Fitzgerald Sr. being a reporter at the Super Bowl. It had already been mentioned leading up to the Super Bowl but now everyone had to give their thoughts on it but really it was unnecessary because the man himself did not even want to talk about it.


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