Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 8 Gortat YouTube Clips

As our loyal reader knows, we love Marcin Gortat here at TPASTBM. The Warlock, or Polish Hammer as others call him, has been with the Magic for two years and we all hope he stays longer. That said, here are our favorite YouTube moments featuring Mr. Gortat.

Number 8: A pretty sweet ally from former Magic man Carlos Arroyo. This one gets an extra point considering Pat Garrity was also in the game.

Number 7
: Gortat gets down during "Name that TV Tune." It's pretty obvious he isn't too familiar with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Number 6
: In his second career start Gortat put up 16 points and 13 boards.

Number 5
: During Media Day Marcin has a nice little conversation with TV play by play man David Steele.

Number 4
: In his first career start earlier this year Gortat comes up with a huge block.

Number 3
: Times are tough, even in the NBA. That said, the Orlando Magic put Gortat to work in the ticket office.

Number 2
: We love Gortat, but even our love couldn't prevent us from putting this horrible attempt at a dunk on here.

Number 1
: "Droga Do NBA part 1." We're not really sure what this is, but it does include the line, "NBA welcome to, Marcin Gortat."


  1. i'm from Poland. "Droga do NBA" in Polish means "Road to NBA". regards (thx for writing bout Gortat)

  2. you forgot dante and galante

  3. The Curse of P Chew upon Magic Nation!!!!!


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