Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Left feeling April foolish, worst NBA deals of 08-09

April Fools day may be over but this season has left several NBA franchises feeling foolish due to poor choices made in player acquisitions this past year. We at “The Puns” have put together a list of the five worst player signings/trades that have left their teams wishing someone would yell APRIL FOOLS in hopes that it never happened.

5. Allen Iverson / Detroit Pistons – Denver gladly took Billups and his all-star caliber PG play and leadership off the hand of the Pistons for team chemistry killer AI, whose skills have diminished but ego has not. The only redeeming feature of this deal is Iverson’s expiring contract that will allow Detroit to be a major player in this summer’s free agency market.

4. Corey Maggette / Golden State – While Maggette is a solid player, I question why a team already loaded with SG/SF’s would spend $49 mill. over five years on another while ignoring glaring needs at PG and PF.

3. Jermaine O'Neal /Raptors and Heat – The Raptors were so happy with their trade for O'Neal that they traded him before the trade deadline for Shawn Marion and his expiring contract. Even in Miami where Oneal is filling a huge need at center the Heat are only one game over .500 since the trade. O'Neal is a long way from playing anywhere near his salary which is the 4th highest in the league.

2. Elton Brand / Sixers – The Sixer’s will make the playoffs this year but have little to show for spending their precious cap space on the player they hoped would help them to compete with the Eastern conference elite. Another injury plagued year for the veteran low post scorer that struggled when he was healthy trying to find space in the paint. The Sixers are the worst three point shooting team in the league allowing teams to collapse into the paint. The Sixers need a healthy Brand AND to make moves to improve their outside shooting if this signing is to pay dividends down the road.

1. Baron Davis / LA Clippers – Brand stunned the Clippers by bolting for Philly after believing they had their dream All-Star PG and Center combo ready to sign. Baron kept his word and signed into what turned into the most dysfunctional team in the league. Davis showed little of the leadership and fire he had displayed at Golden State the last few years and as always missed a good number of games from injuries.

Next week we will look at the top five veteran player acquisitions for the season

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