Friday, March 20, 2009

Sometimes things turn out great

So I friend of mine invited me to this art exhibit downtown on S Orange Ave at the Roho Art & Coffee @ CityArts Factory. I was like, girl, you know a ghost can't go to an art festival. I mean these artist types are just going to criticize my shading, lack of color or lack of inspiration. But I agreed to go and float out (us ghosts can't hang out, we just float around you know). Here I'm thinking, well I like art, but I don't like all the artsy types. What will happen? Can't I just stay outside or support you via text message? Of course not. So I showed up to give her some support. While there mingling with some of Orlando's high society and actually enjoying some of the work being shown I found a room with sports art. This got me excited and I made my way into this room. I see a bunch of cameras, video and photo, and even some professional photographers in this room. So I think, there must be something cool going on in here, or they are just trying to take pictures of this ghost floating around the room.

Well it wasn't me. Nick Anderson was in the room, hanging out with people, talking to some, taking pictures and then he went on stage. He gave a brief speech about the team. The normal PR stuff, you know, we do a lot for the community, the new arena is coming along fine, kids, Stuff, Dwight, and renew your season tickets. The artist in this room had created a limited edition Nick Anderson (the Michael Jordan steal) painting and Nick was there to sign these pieces and put them up for sale with part of it going to some charity.

Nick was really cool with everyone, joking around, posing for pictures, talking to everyone that approached him. Overall a good experience. Oh yeah Nick's son was there too. Another cool kid.

Things that I noticed about Nick. He is getting old, some grey hair is showing. He is not as tall as I thought. I mean I guess when I was 12 years old, a man that was 6'-6" or so was a giant. Not so much anymore. Oh and he has small, well let's say normal feet. I mean no Shaq size 20000 shoes.

Here's some pictures of the art being displayed. Everything was for sale. The Steal piece was $750, including frame and certificate of authenticity.


Nick Anderson posing with some dude.

Huge Hedo painting, shown in three shooting postions. The lady is covering one of them. Apparently this one was already sold to Hedo himself.

Dwight Howard. Both signed. I like the one of the winning dunk vs San Antonio. Cool Stuff

Michael Jordan in famous Dunk action. Larry Bird and all the Championship banners in the back.
I think the Jordan piece was $395, the Bird was $695.


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  2. Pretty cool stuff.


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