Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima... Really?

Last week Grizzly guard Marko Jaric was accused of sexual assault while his team was in Philadelphia to play the 76ers. Although, after an investigation no charges were filed, this sparked a discussion by some folks here at TPASTBM. The question: Why, considering who Marko Jaric is married to, would he put himself into a situation where someone might consider accusing him of sexual assault?

“Given the lady he has at home, he should never, ever, ever be in a situation that might allow some lady to make accusations.”

“On the road... away from home... with his teammates... regardless of whom he has at home, you know he is going out with the boys. Deep down, in the same circumstances, you know you would do the same.”

“If I had his wife I would retire to an island in the middle of nowhere... And never be seen again.”

“Hah, but that is you, and your current circumstances... Now, imagine if you will, being a professional athlete and making a ton of money for playing a game. Imagine the way people have treated you all your life, boosting your ego, hanging on, wanting theirs, imagine the women that have thrown themselves at you time and time again to get a slice of your pie (and giving up a slice of their, uhm, pie). Imagine how different the world would look to you. Imagine how different your views would be. Now, throw it all out the window and forget about it completely. Without living that, I don't honestly think any of us can begin to understand these things.”

“There's a reason that Jaric (and just about every other star with money) is married to a Brazilian supermodel. He has ridiculously hot girls throwing themselves at him on practically a nightly basis. I would like to think that I could be faithful under those circumstances but truth be told I don't know how I would react. I think if you guys were truly honest with yourselves you would come to the same conclusion.”

“I believe that your inability to actually consider the situation from his point of view in this matter pushes you to this position. You are placing yourself into a situation that, quite frankly, you would never find yourself in, and trying to imagine what you would do based on who you are as a person. I submit, that you cannot put yourself in his situation, without disregarding who you are as a person, and considering who he is, or who you would be, had you gone through life in similar circumstances.”

“I don't care about being a pro athlete and ****....He is not Dwight, Kobe or Lebron...He is Marco Jaric the luckiest man in the NBA, at least when it comes to wives....He is not a great player, he is OK. He doesn't have the millions and millions that others have, and with those lifestyles, you need a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if she has more money than him.”

“Sure if YOU have that at home YOU love her and stay away from trouble. But... that's YOU and you are who you are because of your life experiences. I would say that your life experiences are vastly different from his, and it is impossible to distill this down into something as simple as you guys try to make it out to be. If you are LUCKY enough to have that... Is it luck in his case? I would say that it is not. I would say that he has had more than his fair share of ridiculously attractive women throw themselves at him. At the same time, you are also leaving out the fact that she, most likely, has an equally disgusting amount of men trying to get into her pants. Just how many guys has she slept with to get where she is? Completely sexist, I know, but also a very high probability of being spot on.”

“Jaric has an insane contract. He is doing quite well for himself. You don't have to convince me that she is insanely hot (but I do appreciate the friendly reminder). If I was married to her I would never leave the house. It’s not the same circumstances though with him. We can't even begin to imagine what it’s like to resist the temptations that he goes through on a nightly basis. Here's a question for you married guys. If this girl approached you on the road and started hitting on you....what would your reaction be? Would you be able to resist her? Now multiply that by a 100 on a nightly basis and tell me you could do it.”

“Ok, so I guess if I'm Marko Jaric then I do put myself in the same situation. What's your point? Going by what you said there isn't room for any discussion.”

“I guess I'm in the minority of general male thinking. If I got married, I did it for a reason, despite what might be thrown my way. If I wanted to be single and sleep with chicks every night on the road, or even entertain the idea, then I wouldn't have gotten married to begin with. To think like an NBA player like you've mentioned, I would think about the financial ramifications of my actions as well. Simple as that.”

“No, you aren't in the minority. I actually feel the same way. I have been married. I have been in a situation where someone was throwing themselves at me, but I still turned it down. I had a co-worker, who was several years younger than I was, was a couple degrees more attractive than my wife at the time, and wanted nothing more than to fool around at and after work a few times. What I am saying is that your value structure, what marriage means to you would be significantly different if you were in his shoes, if you had grown up in similar circumstances. Look at Hollywood as an example. The divorce rate is ridiculous. Marriage isn't sacred, it's a tool, it's a step to get people somewhere. It can be a great career move, a stepping stone to another level. I'm not saying everyone is like this, there are some lengthy marriages between people in this realm, but I think those are by far the one offs, not the norms. Ever look at some of those people and just think that they are completely out of touch with reality? Guess what? They are! They are completely out of touch with OUR reality. Just as we are out of touch with theirs.”


  1. Why? Because he must be retarded. Not in the literal sense, but in the "you're just plain stupid" sense.
    I can understand the argument that it's different to have a celebrity's perspective than that of the average Joe, and yes, even though he isn't much of one, since Jaric is a pro athlete and is married to Adriana, he is a celebrity to some extent.
    I definitely agree with the last 2 paragraphs, too. Call it simply personal choice, but if I get married it's for a reason.

  2. I think it should be mandatory that we post a picture of Lima every week.

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