Friday, April 3, 2009

J.A. Adande Chat

Here are the Orlando related questions and answers from J.A. Adande's chat over at

St. Nick (Fayetteville, NC) [via mobile]: Am I wrong for thinking the Celtics will be more dangerous even without homecourt if they have everbody back healthy. I say that because after Garnett got hurt they gained valuable experience for people like Glen Davis, Leon Powe, House, and Marbury. The bench seemed weak after Posey left town, but now seems just as strong as last year. So that combined with a healthy Garnett I think will get them another ring. What do u think?

J.A. Adande: (3:03 PM ET ) Their thought was they could go into Cleveland and get a game if they had to, so they weren't that pressed. But if they have to go to Orlando, AND Cleveland AND L.A., don't you think that will catch up with them? In addition to the actual travel, it takes a lot of physical and mental energy t win playoff games on the road. Having to do too much of that is taxing (yeah, yeah, 95 Rockets, I know. But that gantlet wasn't as tough as what the Celts could face)

Derek (Lake Mary, FL): Hi J.A!! My vote for MVP goes to Lebron, but why is Dwight not even mention on the MVP talks? He should at least get some recognition from the media.

J.A. Adande: (3:08 PM ET ) He should. Don't forget about CP3 either. And hasn't Chauncey Billups' presence in Denver and absence in Detroit defined "value"? I think if LeBron hadn't distinguished himself so much it would be much more fun to really open up the field. But it's hard to work up a passion for a "should be in the discussion" argument. Even in Mike Bianchi's well-done piece advocating Howard he still had to concede LeBron should get it

Zlatko, Macedonia: Hey J.A. Who is the team to beat right now? I still have the Lakers cause they swept the Cavs and C's plus beat pretty much every great team away, unlike the cavs. Not to mention they are the only team that beat cleveland away. Cavs or L.A?

J.A. Adande: (3:12 PM ET ) Right now it's the Cavs, even after last night's loss

Alright, now that last one was just silly. Someone forgot that Orlando swept L.A. this year. I'm not saying they are the best team, but they should be in the conversation.

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  1. lol yeah, the person asking the last question definitely forgot about the Magic.
    And it's definitely possible that J.A. also forgot about Orlando.
    That being said, if J.A. at least thought about the 4 teams that one would normally think of being in the discussion as the team to beat, those being the Celtics, Magic, Cavs, and Lakers, I can see why he would say either the Cavs or Lakers.

    Obviously, as the defending champs, the Celtics are theoretically the "team to beat". But without knowing for certain that KG is 100% healthy, you can't be really certain that they'd be able to take the 2nd round series from the Magic AND beat the Cavs.

    Then you have the Magic. Yes, we did sweep the Lakers. But the problem is that doesn't matter at all unless the team get out of the east. And as it currently stands, Orlando would have to beat the Heat in the first round- which they definitely should be able to do.

    Then they'd have take 4 games from the Celtics in the 2nd round, and as the Celtics proved in the last game by coming back from a large deficit in the 2nd half WITHOUT KG in the game, they don't need Garnett to at least compete with the Magic. And then with Garnett, who knows? Plus if the Magic do beat the Celts, they'd then have to beat the Cavs after having just played what would certainly be an extremely physical series. Simply based on the fact that the Cavs 2nd round opponent wouldn't be as tough as the Magic's and that the Cavs have the best record in the league, you'd have to go with the Cavs there. And same if the Celtics beat the Magic. They'd have played an extremely physical series and then would have to beat the Cavs with Cleveland having home court advantage.

    And the Lakers... well, while the West is tough, it doesn't have Cleveland, Orlando, or Boston in it. Enough said there.

    Don't get me wrong, I definitely think the Magic are in the discussion, but if you're going to narrow it down to 1 or 2 teams, I agree with J.A. that it has to be the Lakers &/or Cavs.

    Meanwhile, in his weekly countdown, writer Ian Thomsen shows that the Magic are the most financially efficient team this year.
    But he also says exactly what numerous people here have in the past few months: That if Hedo doesn't opt out, or if he opts out and re-signs with the Magic for more, which is likely what he would want if he did opt out, we would be over the salary cap with only 10 players under contract.


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